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Beikee Food's new brand "Pao Classmates" makes every meal fun and nutritious for babies



The recurrence of the epidemic in Fujian has touched everyone's heart. Recently, due to the closed management of the epidemic, the purchase of living materials for the public was affected to a certain extent. In order to help the prevention and control of the epidemic in Quanzhou, Fujian Beiji Food Co., Ltd. quickly collected materials and sent love breakfast pastries to the front line of the epidemic fight, such as the Shishi City Epidemic Prevention Office, the people in the closed control area, the Yongning Town Epidemic Prevention Office and volunteers, to give everyone an extra nutritional supplement.

Fujian Beiji Food Co., Ltd.'s “bag students” is fully online!



Packet Classmates is a brand new brand under “Fujian Beiji Food”. The new brand is dedicated to providing Chinese children with “natural + fun” new Chinese pasta, founded to help parents prepare easy and convenient while nutritionally balanced children's meals.

In recent years, China's children's food market has entered the fast lane of development due to the influence of consumer upgrading and the “three children” policy. At the same time, with the improvement of the general education level of parents after 80 and 90, “refined child rearing”, “scientific child rearing” gradually become the standard of family child rearing, coupled with the unique Chinese family “4+2+1” funnel effect, making infants and children become the core subject of family consumption upgrade. Data show that China's annual family children's spending an average of 17,000-26,000 yuan, accounting for 30%-50% of family spending, and in the daily consumption of children, children's food with its unique high-frequency just need and added value, become the new power point of the children's market.

The children's food market is expected to exceed $100 billion by 2023, and many emerging brands are running to enter the market. However, the current children's supplement or children's snacks and other categories of track has been crowded, in order to break through the homogenization of products, to achieve differentiation breakthrough, Fujian Beiji food to find the industry gap, combined with the national diet, around the children's multiple and long-cycle diet scene timely to “natural + fun” precision cut into the children's pasta subdivision track, the launch of the new brand — &mdash mdash;“package classmates”, to help young parents solve the pain points such as can't cook, no time to cook, babies don't love to eat, etc., to prepare easy and convenient, cute and fun and nutritious and balanced children's meals for children, so that babies love to eat breakfast from now on.



Fujian Beiji Food, as the advocate of “new Chinese pastry”, has always been committed to the innovation and promotion of Chinese pastry culture. As its brand new brand, “package students” products are selected pure and natural ingredients, boldly using fun shapes, traditional handcrafted plus cute and fun shapes, custom-shaped unique children's nutritional package points to meet the needs of families and children for healthy and nutritious food as the core foothold, to provide children's nutritional breakfast solutions for picky babies.

As children's food, nutrition, health and deliciousness are the main themes. The “bun students”s “taste team”adds pure milk to knead the dough in the dough mixing process, colors it with 100% natural powder, juice or vegetable puree, insists on natural ingredients + hand-packing, and starts with children's preferences to mix the taste that children like, making brightly colored, good-looking, delicious buns that children love to eat.



“Fun” is also the key to attracting children's interest. For this reason, the R&D team of the “bun students” in terms of shape is “painstaking”. From the moisture of the bun, kneading and steaming technology and dough fermentation time and other aspects of repeated research, finally produced without affecting the bun soft, fluffy taste, but also can simulate the peeling of fruits and vegetables shaped bun. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

“包同学”s innovative cold-chain process adds no preservatives and also minimizes nutrient loss, ensuring healthy, nutritious, and delicious children's food. As a comprehensive modern enterprise specializing in food research and development, production and sales, Fujian Beiji Food has a full industrial cycle chain from research and development to production to online and offline sales channels as a whole, from the selection and collection of raw materials to production and processing can provide the biggest guarantee for “package students”.

Early before the launch of “bag students” Beiji Foods made initial attempts at “children's pastry” with its own core technology and professional R&D team, its products “peeled banana bag” and “mousse mangosteen bag” have been ranked among the top 10 children's pastry products on Tmall. The top 10 pastry products in the Tmall children's pastry category in 2021 “Double 11” and topping the Tmall children's pastry category brand trading list for several months in 2022 are proof of consumer recognition of “Beiji”s products.

Nowadays, the children's food track is getting bigger and bigger, and the demand is gradually diversifying. “Pao students” the brand strategy as a business-oriented precise distribution links to new consumer markets and target customer groups, which is highly consistent with the development trend of the children's food market. It is believed that the emergence of the new brand “package classmates” will certainly stir up ripples in the segmentation track, and then lead the Chinese children's food industry to continuously “break the circle” to the safer, more nutritious, more delicious direction, so as to become the most promising high-end brand in the children's food market.

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